Memory / Focus

With aging, many people experience a decline in mental sharpness. It’s often described as not being able to remember things as well, or having trouble staying on task. When hormonal and metabolic imbalances occur, it often will manifest itself in mental functioning and mood changes.
  1. Do you find it harder to remember names or events that occurred recently?
  2. Do you find that you have to push yourself hard to stay on task?
  3. Do you become fatigued after time spent concentrating compared to when you were younger?
  4. Do you find that your ambition and drive is not quite what it used to be?
  5. Do you feel more depressed than you used to, or find it hard to enjoy things as much as you used to?
  6. Is it harder to control your emotions than when you were younger?

These symptoms occur both due to declines in hormones as well as changes in proportions of hormones as they relate to each other. In addition, nutrtion, fitness and neurotransmitter levels can affect mental functioning. A thorough evaluation can get to the root cause and help correct these imbalances so you can feel and perform like yourself again.