Declines in energy are common as we age and it is usually chalked up to “just getting older”. Indeed, many of our friends and family start slowing down as well, so it just seems “normal”. However, often it is metabolic, hormonal and lifestyle issues that are the causes of these energy declines. We all have seen others that are even older who seem to have boundless energy. What is different about them? More importantly, why do I have such low energy? And what would I do if I had more energy?

  1. If I had more energy, I would do/complete/perform ______________.
  2. What are some things I used to do that I just don’t have energy for anymore?
  3. How would my work be improved if I had more energy at the end of the day?
  4. How would my relationships improve with my kids, spouse and friends if I had more energy to do more activities with them?
  5. What am I missing out on because I’m wiped out by the mid-afternoon?
  6. I can get through the day, but I really have to push myself compared to when I was younger (not a question, but a reflection).
  7. How much better would I compete against my peers, or competition, if I had the energy I had when I was in my 20s, but the wisdom and experience that I have now?

Those are just a few questions to consider to help you think about how important this symptom of aging is. The decline in energy may be due to a number of factors, perhaps even in combination. Potential causes of energy decline include, but are not limited to, low testosterone, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, sleep disturbances, metabolic syndrome, food or other allergies, nutrient deficiencies and immune system abnormalities. At Cenegenics, we dig deep beneath the surface of the symptoms to address the underlying cause of energy loss so that it can be corrected.