Remember when we were kids? Fitness was easy. We played games like Tag, Kick-Ball, Hide-and-go-Seek, or sports like baseball and football. In our hectic lives, we find less time to play, and exercise has become more structured and goal oriented. When we were younger, it worked; but now I’m sure you find that you are working out harder and getting fewer results. Many factors come into play as culprits. Most people don’t perform the type of exercise that is actually geared towards the results they want. At Cenegenics, we take a scientific approach to exercise that is designed to get results in the shortest amount of time based on your individual physiology.
  1. Do you find yourself spending more time at the gym, only to get fewer results?
  2. Have you recently run a marathon, only to realize you didn’t lose that much weight?
  3. Do you find exercise to be extremely fatiguing?
  4. Does it take longer for you to recover from exercise sessions?
  5. Do you find that your strength has been decreasing, despite more effort?
  6. Have you been suffering from increased joint pain and inflammation?
  7. Have injuries prevented you from exercising the way you would like?
At Cenegenics Chicago, we take a scientific approach to exercise physiology, allowing us to create customized exercise regimens for all fitness levels. These programs are specifically created based on the patient’s own desires, time and proclivity for exercise. There is no “one right way” to do things. It only works if you can do it, and we specialize in helping you achieve results in a way that you can do it. In combination with proper nutrition, correcting off-balance biochemistry, and normalizing hormone levels, our patients experience significant body composition changes.