Choosing Your Daily Bread

0 4 April 2013

Breaking bread. It hearkens back to ancient times when all was good. Unfortunately, bread isn’t so good in modern society. Not only do most people get too much of it, it may be the cause of many of the ailments we suffer from. Everything from diabetes to heart disease to Alzheimer’s to irritable bowel syndrome may be linked too too much consumption of bread. Bread is made up of carbohydrates, which are sugars. And too much sugar is one of the main reasons our bodies suffer from both acute and chronic illnesses. Moreover, most bread is not very nutritious. While there is a huge calorie spike with bread, there is not much nutrition associated with it. “Ah hah, Dr. Patel,” you say. “But what about multigrain bread that has not been refined? Isn’t that OK to eat?” To which I would have to reply, “Pull up a chair. Here’s the thinking on breads.”  

The Paleo Camp

  One of the major movements in nutrition currently is the Paleo movement. Well researched and described by pioneers like Robb Wolf and his mentor, Dr. Lauren Cordain, the premise is that as we humans evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, we were hunters and gatherers. We ate what we killed and what we found. Modern agriculture has only been around for 3000 − 10,000 years (estimates vary, but nowhere near

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