Details – Elite Health Evaluation

The Elite Health Evaluation day is composed of several tests and consultations. It’s a day that is focused just on you.

Body Composition and Bone Density

Provides data on bone density, lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, and where that fat is located. This allows us to provide customized nutrition, fitness, and supplement recommendations. The test also examines the bone density of your lumbar vertebrae and hips – vital for detecting osteoporosis.

  • Digital Photos and Body Measurements
  • Digital photos and body measurements are taken for before-and-after comparisons of body composition, functional range of motion, and flexibility.

Fitness Assessment

  • We test Muscular Strength and Endurance, Core Strength, Flexibility and Stability, Functional Fitness Assessment
    Neurocognitive Assessment
  • Cenegenics utilizes a Validated computer-based evaluation of mental fitness (CNS Vitals Signs)

Cardiopulmonary Assessment

  • Sub-max VO2 testing provides a measure of your overall fitness, but more importantly, provides data to customize your exercise to achieve maximal results in the shortest time

Exercise and Nutrition Consultation

Whether you are brand new to nutrition and exercise or if you’re a seasoned pro, our job is to take you to the next level. We focus on providing knowledge and solutions that you can actually do, customized to your lifestyle so that success is assured. This is not a canned presentation, but rather a highly personal application of principles to your individual needs, abilities, and ambition.

Medical Consultation with Dr. Bhavesh Patel

A highly personal evaluation of your medical history, lab findings, diagnostic findings and goals. My goal is to educate you about your body and how it works so that you know the why of what we are doing. I focus on the short-term goals of improving your health now, but also on the long term goals of avoiding disease and decline in the future. The personal relationship patients create with me is one of the driving factors in their success.

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