Dr. Bhavesh Patel

Dr. Bhavesh Patel

Dr. Bhavesh Patel is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Age Management Medicine. Dr. Patel first came to Cenegenics as a patient in early 2009 when he struggled with his own health issues. As he learned more about the real value of approaching health and wellness from a comprehensive approach, he decided he wanted to learn how to do this help others. After spending several months at Cenegenics HQ in Las Vegas, NV, he opened the Cenegenics Chicago center in November 2009. Since then he has helped hundreds of patients achieve lasting wellness.

Bhavesh graduated from Rush Medical College (Chicago, IL) in 1999, and completed his residency at UIC / Illinois Masonic Medical Center (Chicago) in 2002. He practiced extensively in the Chicagoland area with Adovcate Healthcare, Dreyer Medical Group, and Physicians Immediate Care. However, after 5 years he became frustrated with where traditional medicine was headed, finding that he was making very little difference in the lives of his patients. In 2007, Bhavesh moved to New York to take advantage of an opportunity to work as a Research Analyst for the investment bank, Rodman and Renshaw. There, he attended the top medical conferences, spoke with Key Opinion Leaders, analyzed drug data and researched the cutting edge of biotechnology. By mid-2008, he knew the markets were crashing and decided his family would be best back in Chicago. It was at that time that Bhavesh started looking for the next frontier in medicine.

“Seeing patients in this practice has allowed me to really change the lives of my patients. This is by far the best medicine I’ve ever practiced. I’m getting people off of their medications instead of piling more on. My patients are feeling the best they’ve ever felt. And I get a chance to really understand how the human body really works.”

Bhavesh continues to stay connected to “traditional” medicine. Doing so allows Dr. Patel to continue to grow as a physician who can treat disease when it happens, while also working on preventing disease in the first place.